Social Services

EADAN works to ensure the stability of all families we serve. Through case management support, rental assistance and a food pantry, EADAN empowers families to navigate challenges, meet their basic needs, and focus on developing and utilizing their talents to build a better future.

Housing, Rental Assistance, & Affordable Housing


EADAN provides support to vulnerable families struggling to pay their rent. Through strong connections to community they have built the trust necessary for families to seek out assistance when they are at risk of homelessness. This collaboration to provide a safety net has allowed EADAN to assist families with rental assistance during distressing times.

EADAN continues to hear about the need for affordable housing amongst program participants and remains engaged in conversations with different stakeholders in the community.

Food Pantry

EADAN is committed to ensuring that all members of their community have the necessary food to nourish their families. The organization is able to supply and feed more than 250 families every week. This invaluable service helps to address the food insecurity faced by so many that face tough choices of providing ensure members of the community have access to cultural food and alleviate the financial burdens they incur.

Becoming Part of our nation

Citizenship Classes

Many members within the community are working toward obtaining their citizenship which requires passing a test. EADAN has started a pilot program to support a group of 10 individuals preparing to take the test. The classes the USCIS curriculum and meet once per week.

Parental Involvement

Many immigrant parents are adjusting to raising their children in a new culture with different customs and systems. Parents began bringing issues to EADAN to seek guidance when their children were struggling in school either with academics or disciplinary issues. This are of support has now developed into a regular program where parents come to meet together twice a week to who share ideas with each about their best way to support their children. Topics covered include how they can get along with their child, how to navigate different cultures, and they discuss the various situations they have encountered as parents. This educational support group has grown to serve more than 50 mother

Gang Prevention

Refugees come from countries with frequent violence so it is essential to help the refugee youth avoid gang activity and become contributing members to society. This program seeks to help kids avoid gang activity and direct their energy to more positive activities. The program utilizes volunteers to come work with kids. It meets once per week many kids are enrolled and attending regularly.