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We Are Here for Refugees and immigrants

EADAN’s Mission is to provide service and support to refugees and immigrants, promote awareness and advocacy for quality, inclusive service as well as for a community place and spaces that are welcoming to refugees and immigrant children and their families. Our objective is to provide services that will build stronger and more diverse communities; we accomplish this by facilitating the social and emotional adjustment and cultural transitions of the refugee and immigrants throughout the State of Nebraska.

What EADAN Does in the Community

East African Development Association of Nebraska 

EADAN currently provides services to 450 low-income immigrant families. The
majority of our families are originally from Somalia, Nepal, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South
Sudan. These families currently reside in Omaha, Nebraska, with 95% residing within
Douglas County. Our families come to us seeking direction and assistance in many areas.
EADAN helps our families connect to available programs by providing screening services and
application assistance for receiving services including:

– Short-term Rental Assistance
– Emergency Utilities Assistance
– Temporary Food Assistance
– Distribution of Essentials such as diapers, cleaning supplies, etc.
– Job Placement Assistance
– Youth Mentoring & Tutoring
– Assistance with Securing Unemployment Benefits
– Immigration Naturalization Test Preparation
– English as a Second Language Classes.

Who We Are

East African Development Association of Nebraska commonly known as (EADAN) is a non-profit organization led and govern by former refugees staff who have worked with the United Nation High Commission for Refugee (UNHCR) and possess deep knowledge, relevant skills & expertise  who are willing to successfully challenge policies that are discriminatory in nature by empowering the low income families and refugees in Nebraska. EADAN  is a nonprofit, nonpartisan,  and non-discriminative Organization founded on the spirit of compassion and community empowerment, It was established in May 14  2020 by a group of concerned development-oriented professionals to respond and address social problems that affect the refugee and the community at large.  EADAN Founders have extensive experience in youth mentorship, Mental health related interventions, Cultural and Language proficiency Services, Life skills trainings, and other supportive Services for Vulnerable Households.


EADAN is offering services, fostering trust, building connections, and ensuring that members of the community are no longer invisible and vulnerable. EADAN focuses on three core areas

Social Services

EADAN works to ensure the stability of all families we serve. Through case management support, rental assistance and a food pantry, EADAN empowers families to navigate challenges, meet their basic needs, and focus on developing and utilizing their talents to build a better future.

Workforce Development

Talented members of the immigrant community help power all sectors of our local economy. Through partnerships with companies and workforce stakeholders, EADAN helps connect motivated job seekers to their next opportunity while also meeting the critical labor demands of area employers.

Youth Development

Our youth are the future. EADAN facilitates afterschool and mentoring programs to invest in young people and ensure they have opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills outside of the classroom. Their success is our success.

A Helping hand in a new land

EADAN - Supporting Success In a New Land

Immigrants face a host of challenges when moving to a new country, beginning with the daunting task of navigating complex immigration procedures and legal systems. Beyond paperwork, they often grapple with language barriers, making it difficult to communicate, secure employment, and integrate into local communities. Economic challenges are common, as immigrants often need to start from scratch in building a new life, finding a job, and securing housing. EADAN serves these wonderful people in Omaha Nebraska. 

We Build Networks

East Africa Development Association of Nebraska always strives to build networks with other organizations like refugee empowerment, Omaha Community Foundation, Refugee task force, and other communities organization that services the state of Nebraska. It is a critical part of integrating into society to have a solid network built. EADAN has those connections to facilitate community relations.

We Provide Care

EADAN provides supportive services for the Community at large especially during this pandemic crises of COVID -19. All the staff members risk themselves and become dedicated to support their community especially the youth, women, and other vulnerable members of the community who are in need of supportive services like rental assistance program and unemployment benefits and distributing foods and other essential goods.

We Strengthen

East Africa Development Association of Nebraska (EADAN) always helps the low-income families who were resettled in Nebraska to become self-sufficient through comprehensive case management in our organization. This is a new place for our new friends; we assist immigrants and refugees of Omaha to become strong in living.

We Consult

East Africa Development Association of Nebraska (EADAN) also provides Counseling through youth’s with Mental Health Problem, case managements and Behavioral Interventions roles with Schools. EADAN will also provide Interpretation and Translation Services for Health & other facilities in order to ease cultural and Communication Barriers.

We Find & Fund

EADAN is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and non-discriminative Organization founded on the spirit of compassion and community empowerment. EADAN was established in May 2020 by a group of concerned development-oriented professionals to respond and address social problems that affect vulnerable members of the community and the society at large.

We Educate

East Africa Development Association also provides youth mentorship, after school programs for needy families, we also train the youth in order to avoid drugs, crimes and other anti-social behaviors. This program can be implemented at schools, colleges, and in the community level. We also encourage and train the families how to protect themselves from COVID-19 through following the local and state instructions.

We Are Here To Bless

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Eadan is becoming a leading non-profit organization that provides opportunities for the vulnerable members of the community through advocacy, provision of platforms for both men, women and youths to have a say, and be involved in socio-economic activities affecting their lives. Join the movement to help!

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