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The East Africa Development Association of Nebraska

About Us

The East Africa Development Association of Nebraska (EADAN) stands as a benevolent, impartial, and inclusivity-promoting non-profit organization, firmly grounded in principles of compassion and community empowerment. EADAN was birthed on May 14, 2020, through the efforts of a collective of socially conscious, development-driven professionals committed to addressing and resolving social issues that have significant impacts on refugees and the broader community.

The founders of EADAN bring to the table a wealth of experience across a broad spectrum of areas. Their expertise spans from youth mentorship programs to interventions targeted at mental health. They are well-versed in cultural and language proficiency services, adept at offering life skills trainings, and proficient in delivering various supportive services designed to uplift vulnerable households.

Incorporated in Nebraska as a registered non-profit entity, the East Africa Development Association of Oamaha Nebraska dedicates its resources and efforts to providing services throughout the state, contributing positively to the well-being and progress of the communities it serves.

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Provide hope for Immigrants and refugees facing unique challenges in seeking a new home. They need assistance with language skills, job training, legal aid, and community integration to build a stable, secure future


East Africa Development Association of Nebraska (EADAN) has two important management structures: Board members and Executive Branch. The Board members comprise of five members of diverse gender and their responsibilities include but not limited to organizational policy making, overseeing, providing strategic directions, delegating responsibilities to staff and committees. The executive Branch is headed by an Executive Director hired by the board members whose role includes but not limited to planning, organizing, executing, supervision, and overall operations and management of programs.


MOBILE: 612-999-0596
OFFICE: 402-708-4106